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The purpose of this site is to document as much information on the little known Space Invaders rip off, IPM Invader. For those who are not aware of IPM Invader, it is the game that has a 'coffee break' after every 3 waves of invaders. This has always fascinated me and I enjoyed reaching the 'coffee break' when I was young.
IPM Invader Game Facts
Players / Control
Monitor Information
2 Alternating / 2 way joystick

Raster. Vertical.
screen aspect: 3 x 4.
resolution x: 224 pixels.
resolution y: 240 pixels.
colors used: 8.


IPM Invader - Downloads


Download IPM Invader Manual & Schemetics available here.

Download the Pinouts here .



IPM Invader Instruction Card Reproduction

Thanks and fine shop skills supplied by dezbaz.

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IPM Invader Instruction Card

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